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Marketing is a tool to acquire new customers. It helps you to let more people know about the business you are doing. Marketing is of different types and network marketing is one of them. Network or Multi Level Marketing is a practice in which businesses encourage their existing patrons to get new customers by offering them a share of profit earned.If you are a business, planning to use the MLM to expand your business, you must have MLM software to manage everything. You can manage the sales revenue, the members and other details. Now, there are two types of MLM software on the basis of ownership and management; one is centralized MLM software and the other is decentralized.

In this article we are going to compare the centralized and decentralized MLM software so that you can choose the best one of them.

Why Have Centralized MLM Software?

If you want to have every single control in your hands you can go with a centralized MLM. It has the power to censor things that are going in it and you can manage what type of information you want to show to the others who are participating in the chain. Another thing that a centralized MLM does is that gives you power to handle a high amount of traffic. It is, in most of the cases, easy to update and can be sent to all the users without any problems as they all are connected to one server.

When to Avoid Centralized MLM Software?

If you are tight on budget, the centralized MLM software is something that you must avoid. Initially it costs a bit higher than the decentralized one as you need a good computing power to manage it. Also if your core goal is attached to safety then we must that you have to avoid the idea of centralized MLM software.Centralized systems are often considered as less secure and they carry a limit on the transactions. They also have this issue that if one app gets malfunctioned due to any fault in the server, no one would be able to use the app until the issue is solved.

Why Have a Decentralized MLM?

Unlike the centralized systems, you don't have to buy big sized servers and computer systems for managing the data in decentralized MLM software. They are also less prone to hackers and security breaches as there is no concept of having a centralized server that can be hacked.In decentralized MLM software, no one actually owns the whole data and everything is stored in a particular system connected to the block chain. Moreover, it does not go down at once and users do not feel any resistance using them. 

Why Not Have a Decentralized system?

Although a lot of users have started inclining towards decentralized systems, masses do not prefer them as they are a bit hard to use. Decentralized MLM software are extremely hard when it comes to bug fixes and updates. Moreover, the decentralized MLM softwares gives very less power to the owner in terms of controls. That means you will not be able to censor the contents going on your platform. 

The final words

By reading so far, you might be able to figure out what type of MLM software shall you use from centralized  and decentralized  MLM software. If you are still in confusion, you may get the help of Taksh IT solutions to get a better idea on this according to your demands. Taksh IT Solution provides you with a huge array to crypto and blockhain service for all you business needs.

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